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The latest patch for the Windows open world sandbox game Grand Theft Auto 3

The latest patch for the Windows open world sandbox game Grand Theft Auto 3

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Program license: Free

Program by: Rockstar Games

Version: 3

Works under: Windows


Program license

(636 votes)


Program by


Rockstar Games


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Grand Theft Auto III remains a popular PC game among fans, and the GTA III Patch solves various issues. Like any game patch, a number of in-game bugs and glitches are fixed with this small download. The 1.1 patch barely takes up more than a single megabyte of space, and all players can download it right now. It's the last official patch from Rockstar for the game. Without a doubt, players will want to download it soon.

After downloading the patch, players will notice that saved games work properly once again. Previous versions of GTA III would sometimes delete saved games, or fail to load them 100% properly. Loading a save shouldn't produce problems any longer, so players don't need to worry about lost data. For longtime GTA II players, nothing is worse than corrupted save files and game data, especially on the PC.

Although the patch doesn't advertise this change, players can now incorporate their own audio files into the game. It's easier than ever before, and audio files only need to be stored in the title's audio folder. If a player includes their own music, GTA III becomes an even more enjoyable title in seconds. Plus, the process is simple and requires no more than a couple of minutes to utilize on the PC.

The GTA III 1.1 Patch isn't the largest patch in the world. Likewise, it won't modify the gameplay or add too many new features. Still, this small patch makes the game better through better performance and bug fixes. Most players may never touch the audio feature or notice much of a difference. Better saving and loading performance does protect players from starting over at the beginning again, though.


  • Fixes in-game bugs and glitches.
  • May boost performance for some players.
  • Includes new audio features.


  • Small patch without major game additions.

Screenshots of GTA III Patch